“I had a bad experience using a Recruitment Agency”

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If only I had a dollar for every time I have heard that line.

“The Candidate didn’t work out”

“It was really expensive”

“After the guarantee period, the Consultant approached the candidate to offer them another role!”

As an ex agency Recruitment Consultant I have witnessed firsthand the dilemma business owners / hiring managers face when it comes to recruitment. It seems that many employers have been left with “a nasty taste in their mouth” because of the experience they have had in the past with a Recruitment agency. And rightly so, I’d feel the same way if I was in their shoes.

So, what do you do when you need to recruit?

The quandary is, should you just bite the bullet and “pay the fee” and use a Recruiter, or try and recruit yourself – despite possibly not having the time or expertise?

What do you do – what is the alternative?

  • Place an ad online and hope for the best?
  • Ask within your own network for referrals?
  • Share your job advertisement on FaceBook, LinkedIn or Instagram?

The good news is that there IS an alternative.

Back in 2009 I saw the opportunity to go out on my own as a Freelance Recruitment Consultant. After 15 years of working in an agency environment, I knew there was a better way.

I was frustrated with the staff turnover in the Recruitment industry – it didn’t say much for the “recruitment and retention” process that they offered clients if agencies couldn’t even get it right for themselves! Who wants to spend time meeting a Consultant to show them your work environment, discuss the culture of your firm and your recruitment needs, when next time you call, that Consultant has left?

Clients had shared with me their frustration with getting a quality, professional service. Too often they felt like they were not getting value for money. My solution was to establish Pinstripe Recruitment and “shake the industry up a little”, by offering some flexible, alternative recruitment options.

Fast forward 10 years …  and due to the success of this model, Pinstripe Recruitment has grown! I now have the assistance of other independent Recruitment Associates working under the Pinstripe brand offering these services, in their own speciality / geographic area. (And I’m looking to hire more – let me know if you, or someone you know is interested!)

Here’s a Smarter Way to Recruit:

I’ve listened to hundreds of clients over the years and appreciate that everyone has different recruitment needs and budgets. Subsequently I have designed a flexible recruitment model with options to suit everyone, enabling Pinstripe Recruitment to be a trusted, proven and value for money service. It’s time to ensure clients have a great experience when outsourcing recruitment!

Affordable and Effective Recruitment solutions

  1. A pay as you go, pay by the hour recruitment consulting service. Sometimes that means just screening resumes from an advertisement a client has already posted. With this service, it can be as much or as little of the recruitment process as needed. Take a look at this exciting, innovative model
  2. Value for money – as freelancers, work is done remotely, so you (the client) aren’t paying for the cost of huge office overheads as part of the fee. Competitive rates without sacrificing the service means that you are the winner.
  3. Flexible recruitment options – including a payment plan to assist with cash flow.
  4. A 90-day money back guarantee option.
  5. Negotiable rates based on volume.

Experience Counts

Receive a professional recruitment service derived from an expert who has been in the industry for over 20 years – using tried and proven procedures and processes, with a refreshingly transparent, honest, consultative and results focused approach.

We take boutique, personalised recruitment to the next level

As Freelance Recruitment Consultants, we take a very different stance to the way we work compared to a typical agency employee. We are not driven by “KPI’s”, an aggressive sales culture or an “employee mentality”.  Instead, we are self-employed, business owners (like you too), who are totally focused on getting results, offering an honest, transparent service based on integrity and building genuine long-term partnerships with our clients as your trusted recruitment advisors.

We’re ready to go the extra mile to demonstrate our care and ensure your satisfaction. You are valued and important to us – we want to have you as a client for life! Your consultant is the contact person from start to finish of the recruitment campaign – and we love the satisfaction of being on the journey with you to successfully fill a role. A genuine client relationship and partnership is established – it’s not just a transaction – we’re in this together for the long haul

We’re specialist recruiters

Each of my team members bring with them their own specialist expertise and knowledge. Typically, we focus on White-Collar Professional Services – Accounting (especially Public Practice), Financial Planning, Legal, and Insurance primarily.  Click here and have a look at some of the roles we’re actively working on now.

Technology is our friend

We embrace some of the industry’s best Cloud based software.

  1. Recorded video interviews
    • Allows for remote location and national recruitment capabilities.
    • Provides faster access to candidates

Using videos, it’s win / win! You save time by only meeting candidates you’ve seen and pre-qualified via video. Candidates save time by getting in front of the right decision makers more quickly. Most candidates are working full-time, so to speed up the process, rather than attending a face to face interview with a recruitment consultant they can submit a recorded video interview in their own time. By fast-tracking this process, we’re more likely to be able to present good candidates to you faster than our competitors.

  1. Online Talent Pools
    • Allows us to be more proactive in the marketplace
    • We’re less reliant on using costly online job boards.

We build and manage deep strategic pools of talent in our speciality areas, by industry, skill set, and location. Talk to us about those specialist roles that you typically find hard to fill on your own – we may even have someone in our talent pool that is perfect for you!


If you are looking for a refreshingly new and innovative, consultative recruitment experience, then I’d be delighted to connect with you to discuss further.

Email tamara@pinstriperecruitment.com.au or call me on 0413 345 325.

Written by Tamara Hatton-Ward

Having been in the recruitment industry for over 20 years, I have a wealth of experience to offer, and understand what it takes to run a successful recruitment campaign. Whether you're an employer looking for staff, or an employee searching for a new career opportunity, I respect the importance of your decision and will offer you a quality service to facilitate you making the right choice. Pinstripe Recruitment offers you an exciting alternative to the traditional ‘agency’ model. Connect with us here if you’d like a call back so we can discuss your recruitment needs.

Website: http://pinstriperecruitment.com.au

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